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Zeke likes the unknown.

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I know nothing about either of these fandoms. I have never seen The Faculty; all I know is that it’s about a high school, and eventually a town, that get taken over by aliens. A group of five students save the day. I have only seen one episode of the X-Files. Trust me; you don’t need to know anything about these fandoms to enjoy Birthright.

This is probably one of the more unusual love stories you’ll ever read. The story is AU: what if the invasion they stopped was part of a wider alien takeover? Well, that’s where the X-Files comes in.

ETA: Author has taken the story temporarily offline.

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Very, very short. Zeke teasing Casey.

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Also Casey/m.

I almost never recommend works in progress but this would be worth reading even if it was never finished. Casey and Zeke are great characters (in the story—once again, I’m recommending fanfic based on a movie I’ve never seen or even heard of.) I don’t know when this story will ever be finished but it’s updated pretty regularly, I believe about once a month. The chapters are quite long.

Borderlines also has one of the best original characters I’ve ever read. Sasha is funny and sweet and real in a way that most author can’t manage even with canon characters. It’s odd that this is one of two excellent Faculty fics I’ve read–like the other, it is long and features a Casey struggling with mental illness.

28 Aug 2007: Episode 28 is up, and the story is now complete!

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