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Cover of Mind Fuck by Manna Francis

The Administration is the best original fiction series available online. I first recommended it more than three years ago, and I’ve re-read it many times since then. It’s still one of my favourite stories, so you can imagine how excited I was to learn that it was available in print.

Three weeks ago, I finally scraped together the cash for Mind Fuck and Quid Pro Quo, the two books which have been released so far. (If sales are good enough, the entire series will eventually be published.) The editions are gorgeous. The covers are, if anything, even nicer than they seemed on Casperian’s website. The inside has nice fonts and a clean, attractive layout.

Cover of Quid Pro Quo by Manna Francis

The Administration is still, and will continue to be, available online for free, and I urge anyone who hadn’t tried it yet to go read it. Right now. Seriously; I can’t recommend this series highly enough. If you like it even half as much as I do, you’ll be eager to buy the dead tree editions.

Mind Fuck is a novel, while Quid Pro Quo includes the new (and not-yet-available-online) novella of the same name, as well as all the short stories up to “Mirror, Mirror”. The third book in the series, Games and Players, will be published by Caperian in October, and will include the novella “Game, Set”, and presumably the short stories up to “Without the Game” (although that’s just an educated guess.) Manna has said that most or all of the books will contain at least one previously unseen Administration story, so there may be something new in this collection, as well. The cover looks very cool.

Cover of Games & Players by Manna Francis

The books are also available through Amazon in many (all?) countries, but Casperian ships worldwide, their shipping charges are reasonable, and both the publisher and the author get more money when you buy direct from their website. They ship using US media mail, which isn’t as fast as priority shipping, but it isn’t bad–I live in Canada, and I received my copies three weeks from the day I ordered them.

I wouldn’t ordinarily write an entire post about dead tree editions, since that’s not what the site is about, but this series is so good that I want to push the books as much as possible. They deserve all the publicity they can get!

(By the way, the images above, particularly the cover of Mind Fuck, look a little grainy; rest assured that they aren’t like that in real life. The actual printed covers very high quality. I was a little worried, because this is my first time ordering direct from a small press, but they’re easily as beautiful as any other book. Casperian does a good job.)

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