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If you’ve ever read Voyager fic before and haven’t read this, what rock have you been living under? I can’t say I entirely love this series, but it’s definitely an interesting and worthwhile read.

While on an away mission, something unusual starts happening to Tom. There are several sequels to the original story; here’s the full series list:

  1. The Left Hand of Madness 1
  2. The Left Hand of Madness 2
  3. The Left Hand of Madness 3
  4. The Left Hand of Madness Interlude
  5. The Left Hand of Madness 4
  6. The Left Hand of Madness Epilogue

There’s also an alternate ending to the first story, branching off at part eight of the original, The Left Hand of Madness – Alternate Ending.

Action // Explicit // Het // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy


Another Voyager story by Ruth Devero; this is the last one I’ll recommend (at least for now), but it was really hard choosing only four stories to recommend.

This is – sort of – another Trek cliché-fic: Paris is captured and tortured by aliens, and Chakotay rescues him. Only it’s not that simple.

Action // Explicit // Extreme Violence // Romance // Torture

Ah, another one of those Trek clichés that Ruth Devero handles so well. Chakotay and Paris inadvertently stumble into trouble in a slave society.

I think the author does a pretty good job of not romanticizing the culture they’re in – it’s a nasty place to live if you’re a slave, and she doesn’t gloss over that. I like how every time Chakotay or Paris try to find something decent within individual master-slave relationships, they keep running up against the slavery aspect of it.

Action // Explicit // Historical // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy


Two possible universes where Chakotay and Paris get together: one where Paris lies about Caldik Prime – and one where he doesn’t.

Don’t worry about reading the two sides simultaneously; they aren’t meant to be read both at once like a double-pov story.

Action // AU // Coming of Age // Explicit // Romance


Every good Star Trek author must inevitably tackle certain fandom clichés; this is Ruth Devero’s holodeck-sex story. It’s really, really, unexpectedly good.

Explicit // Historical // PWP // Romance


A series of 8 stories. It’s the lighter, happier side of Chakotay and Paris. Fun and entertaining, and even the angsty moments aren’t too heavy.

Explicit // Romance

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