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Star Trek


If you’ve ever read Voyager fic before and haven’t read this, what rock have you been living under? I can’t say I entirely love this series, but it’s definitely an interesting and worthwhile read.

While on an away mission, something unusual starts happening to Tom. There are several sequels to the original story; here’s the full series list:

  1. The Left Hand of Madness 1
  2. The Left Hand of Madness 2
  3. The Left Hand of Madness 3
  4. The Left Hand of Madness Interlude
  5. The Left Hand of Madness 4
  6. The Left Hand of Madness Epilogue

There’s also an alternate ending to the first story, branching off at part eight of the original, The Left Hand of Madness – Alternate Ending.

Action // Explicit // Het // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy


  1. AfterImage
  2. Graven Image
  3. In Another Life
  4. Shattered Image

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen the episode on which the premise of this series is based, Hard Time, but the first two stories in this series don’t interest me the way the latter two do. I’m especially fond of Shattered Image, because I love stories that deal with Julian’s genetic enhancements. I would love to see that whole storyline explored in greater depth, both in canon and in fanfic.

Action // AU // Explicit // Sci-fi/Fantasy


A series of stories that begins with marital difficulties for Miles and Keiko, although it takes the plot in a slightly different direction than most B/O’B fics. There are several things about the plot that I’m not especially fond of, but there are also some aspects of the characterizations and some scenes that are truly wonderful. And despite my reservations, I do actually like Keiko in this series.

  1. Identity Crisis
  2. Diamond Wall
  3. There Are Always Alternatives
  4. The Eighth Alternative
  5. The Ninth Alternative
  6. Married to the Mob
  7. Gene Blues

The Ninth Alternative is actually an AU to The Eighth Alternative; it splits off after the bath scene with Julian and Molly, and Julian overhears something quite different. Married to the Mob and Gene Blues fit into the universe of The Ninth Alternative.

Action // Explicit // Het // Romance

I’m in two minds about recommending this story. On the one hand, I don’t actually love it the way I do the other stories I’ve rec’d by the same author. On the other hand, too many Trek stories, particularly TOS-era stories, gloss over the huge differences between Vulcans and Humans. This one doesn’t.

An alternate way “The Menagerie” might have gone. What if Starfleet had refused to accept the Talosians’ testimony on Spock’s behalf?

Spock, on Earth, in prison. Even in the 23rd Century, prison is not a nice place to be.

AU // Explicit // Extreme Violence // Rape // Romance // Torture


Call this, my attempt to tell what *else* happened, during and after the episode “Operation: Annihilate”.

An exploration of what it might really have been like for Spock to think he would be permanently blind.

Explicit // Romance


And its sequels, New Minglewood Blues and Morning Dew.

A fabulous, sprawling AU that splits off about three years into the first five-year mission. Some pretty awful things happen to Our Heroes; not for the faint of heart.

Action // AU // Darkfic // Explicit // Extreme Violence // Rape // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy // Top 100 // Torture


Set before, during and after The Killing Game. Bobby and Brigitte’s story. Hasn’t been updated in some time, but what’s there is still worth reading.

Explicit // Historical // Romance // WIP


Kirk acquires a new protégé and eats vegetarian food.

General audiences // Romance



Chapel encounters an old acquaintance at the dedication of the Kirk Memorial Library.

I have no idea how much of this is cannon, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s a great story, and you don’t need much background to understand it.


Explicit // Femmeslash

Deep Space Nine

Garak writes a novel.

This story has two sequels: Roman a Clef and Folie a Deux.

Romance // Teen


Another Voyager story by Ruth Devero; this is the last one I’ll recommend (at least for now), but it was really hard choosing only four stories to recommend.

This is – sort of – another Trek cliché-fic: Paris is captured and tortured by aliens, and Chakotay rescues him. Only it’s not that simple.

Action // Explicit // Extreme Violence // Romance // Torture

Ah, another one of those Trek clichés that Ruth Devero handles so well. Chakotay and Paris inadvertently stumble into trouble in a slave society.

I think the author does a pretty good job of not romanticizing the culture they’re in – it’s a nasty place to live if you’re a slave, and she doesn’t gloss over that. I like how every time Chakotay or Paris try to find something decent within individual master-slave relationships, they keep running up against the slavery aspect of it.

Action // Explicit // Historical // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy


Two possible universes where Chakotay and Paris get together: one where Paris lies about Caldik Prime – and one where he doesn’t.

Don’t worry about reading the two sides simultaneously; they aren’t meant to be read both at once like a double-pov story.

Action // AU // Coming of Age // Explicit // Romance


Every good Star Trek author must inevitably tackle certain fandom clichés; this is Ruth Devero’s holodeck-sex story. It’s really, really, unexpectedly good.

Explicit // Historical // PWP // Romance

The Original Series

A serious story with funny bits. After Amok Time, Spock tells Kirk and McCoy that he is no longer in pon farr. This isn’t exactly true.

This is part of a larger universe of stories that you can find here. The sequel to Still Amok is Coals of Fire, and it is very good as well. I can actually see Jat Sapphire’s Kirk and Spock together.

“I do not think I could walk so far,” Spock admitted.

“Did you hear that, Bones?”

“I’ll be right there. His quarters?”


A pause then McCoy’s voice was thick with amusement. “But Jim-boy, if he’s in your quarters at this hour, what do you need me for?” Jim’s mouth twisted, with what emotion Spock could not tell.

Even McCoy is done right in this story.

Explicit // Romance

The Original Series

Spock writes home to his parents.

General audiences // Humour // Romance


Also Kim/ofc.

The first story in the Trials series. Vintage Voyager, with great original characters. For some reason the text file at the P/T Collective Archive no longer works. It took me a long time to find this copy of it, but I had to because this is such an old favourite.

  1. Tom’s Trials
  2. Harry’s Trials
  3. Torres’ Trials
  4. Shadow’s Trials

Action // Non-con // Rape // Romance // Teen

Deep Space Nine

Followed by Part Two and Part Three

Introduces two very good OCs: Nora Briggs and Nam Dietzbader.

Odo accepts a very dangerous mission for the Federation, but what unexpected consequences will come of it? Romance, cello concerts, action ‘n adventure, much whup-ass, chases, mysterious Section 31 operatives, Quark crying, near-death experiences, a blue-haired Dominion resistance fighter, a scenic but dangerous galactic spaceport and promises to give Morn a pedicure…never a dull moment in “Angle and Plane.” And if you liked this story, be sure to check out its sequel…

Circle and Spiral (Prologue), One, Two, Three, Four

Angle and Plane is very long (300K) and Circle and Spiral is even longer (500K). But they’re both good.

Circle and Spiral has one of the few good spy plots I’ve seen that actually hangs together.

Action // AU // Het // Mystery // Romance // Sci-fi/Fantasy // Teen

Deep Space Nine

So many ways to say “I love you.”

AU // Het // Romance // Teen

Okay, so it isn’t fanfic. But it’s funny. If you’ve ever watched the show, you’ll laugh.

23. Picard walks up to the replicator and says, “Coke on ice.”

General audiences // Humour // Non-fiction

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